Company Pepperl+Fuchs is specialized on production of variable sensors. Our branch in Trutnov is focused on inductive sensors and newly we have started producing optical sensors.
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Inductive sensors

Proximity switch with “Metal Face”

Some applications place particularly high demands on the robustness of sensors. These rugged and durable “Metal Face“ sensors are enclosed in stainless steel making them the best selection for these tough applications. Applications such as machine tools or metal processing will often expose the sensor to target impact, abrasion and the affects of aggressive solvents and fluid. In these applications, sensors with a stainless steel sensing face may reduce down time and extend service-life making your overall production more profitable.

Inductive analog output sensors

Inductive analog output sensors are used to detect metal objects within specific operating ranges. This object distance is then translated into an analog output signal proportional to distance, making these sensors ideally suited for measuring and control applications.

Bus-enabled proximity switches (AS-Interface)

In multiple sensor applications, a communications network often connects sensors so that system coordination can be accomplished. We offer a line of intelligent proximity sensors that extend their functionality to include supply line monitoring, diagnostics and network communication with a programmable logic controller.

Proximity switches with increased switching distance

For some applications proximity sensors with increased switching distance can be used to solve detection problems such as small object detection or overcoming the effects of material dependent reduction factors.

Proximity switches with NAMUR output

The voltage and current characteristics of NAMUR output switches are so low that they can be safely used in explosive environments. Product model numbers with an “N“ after the identification, sometimes combined with a number, identify this product family.

Proximity switches for valve actuators

Product flow instruments are used in many of the process Industries. In the majority of applications these instruments are controlled using a shaft rotation of 90° with the valve position status used as feedback to the control system.

Proximity switches with protection category IP69k

Under certain environmental conditions the reliability of standard sensors cannot be guaranteed for long operational life. For example, if a standard proximity sensor is exposed to high-pressure water jets in a car wash system, water can forced into the sensor and create a potential cause for failure. For this reason Pepperl+Fuchs designed in new sensor features to reduce the effects of high pressure environments and ensure problem-free use in such applications.

Proximity sensors for use in strong DC and AC fields (weld-proof)

Proximity sensors used in welding systems are characterized by their high resistance to strong magnetic fields and an increased mechanical robustness suitable for the rough ambient conditions. This family of sensors has a sensing face made of durable Ryton to protect against molten metal plus a weld resistant coated brass housing.

Proximity switches with safety function

These proximity switches correspond to the NAMUR product type but offer the following specific behavior: In case of malfunction of the sensor, the control interface unit or the common power line the output of the control interface unit will automatically switch into the safe “off” condition.

Level limit switches

Level limit switches signal whether the medium being monitored has reached, risen above, or fallen below, a set level based on its installation height.

  • Overflow /dry-run protection
  • Minimum-maximum control
  • Overspill protection

Photoelectric sensors

Multiple-Beam Light Barriers

Pepperl+Fuchs with the brand VISOLUX offers an extensive offering of multi-ray safety light grids. These self-monitoring photoelectric safety devices meet category 4 standards according to EN 954-1 or type 4 standards per EN 61496. In combination with the SLVA or SC4-8 series switching amplifiers, muting sensors and other safety devices, the SLP series safety light grids form a modular safety system, which can be configured by the user.
Several safety light grids can be connected to a switching amplifier. Different thru-beam sensors may be used as long as each pair consists of a transmitter and a receiver of the same type. Depending on the amplifier, up to 8 light grids can be controlled and monitored by one amplifier.
The amplifiers also contain the power supply for the safety light grids. The control of the transmitters and the analysis of the signals from the receivers (e.g. interruption of a light beam) likewise take place via the amplifier.
Basic application with increased violation risk. For example, access protection of palletizing systems, robots, woodworking machines, packaging machines, automatic warehouses and machine equipment.

R2000 2-D Laser Scanners

The R2000 series combines standard sensors with latest measuring methods. Equipped with innovative Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), the R2000 2-D laser scanners (also known as 2-D LiDAR sensors) provide reliable and extremely precise measuring results—with a gapless all-around visibility of 360°.

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